Our team at Sain Holistic Care are friendly and sociable people keen to support you and your NDIS plan. Working with you, we will help you or your loved ones meet their goals. At Sain Holistic Care we provide the following services:

Assist life stage transition (106) 

Our team will offer long and short-term support that will focus on helping participants to live at home an participate in the community.  We will support connections, assist with accommodation and tenancy obligations, coordinate support, life transition planning will also include mentoring, peer support and individual skill development.

Daily living life skills (117)

This service helps our participants with basic and essential tasks.  From washing and dressing to eating and walking, our expert care providers provide the support necessary to help our participants care for themselves. We also provide arts and crafts, life skills development such as making a cup of tea or coffee, knowledge on how to use transport, how to maintain personal hygiene and we have a sensory facility coming soon.

Daily personal activities (107)

Our team will support participants with personal activities such as showering and bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and grooming, going to the toilet, getting in and out of bed, eating and general moving around the house.

Daily tasks shared livings (115)

Our team will support participants in tasks of daily life which are in a shared living environment.  Whether this situation is temporary or ongoing our team will be on hand to support.  Focusing on developing skills of the individual so they can live autonomously this service also includes short term accommodation.

Group centre-based activities (136)

We help our participants to take part in community based and group centred activities.  We will help to identify groups that we think would best suit our participants and support them in connecting with the groups and joining the activities.  

Household tasks (120)

We work with our participants, supporting them in the maintenance of their home and garden.  Whether that means aiding with cleaning or offering some green fingered hands, we have the support available to aid you in leading your best life.

We provide support in activities of daily living.  We will support our participants as they maintain their daily routine, help them with house cleaning and house chores, personal care, meal preparation and assist them with cooking and feeding.

Participate community (125)

Felling a sense of connectedness and belonging can make a huge difference a person’s wellbeing. That is why we take time to identify our NDIS participants’ interests and find ways in which to connect them with likeminded people, including family, friends and carers, and your wider community. Allow us to help you or your loved one connect with others and find activities, events, and resources which we believe will be key to living a better life.

Occasions where we help our clients to participate in the community include attending doctors, physiotherapist, and all other appointments, as well as more leisure-based activities such as shopping and socialising with family and friends. We will also enable them to participate in local and group activities such as recreational visits to park, Beach etc, participating in bowling, golf, swimming, and gym and going out for games, events, movies, and concerts. We can also help if clients wish attend art, drama or music classes or even a coffee at your favourite cafe.

Community nursing (114)

Delivery of healthy support by an enrolled nurse, clinical nurse, nurse practitioner or registered nurse.  This service can be carried out weekday daytimes, weekday evenings, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays. Community nursing services include wound dressing, PED/ NG feed and care, care planning, colostomy, tracheostomy, catheter care, medication administration and management.

Travel transport arrangement (108)

We can help clients to access taxis, community vehicles and ride shares as well as other appropriate travel methods.  If participants need further support a support worker can accompany the client with their travel needs through public transport or their own vehicle.  A focus will be made to ensure participants are traveling as autonomously as possible.